About Us

Nour Global is Middle East’s fastest growing data network operator & managed services provider. With footprint in 3 continents & 16 years of experience serving over thousands of customers, Nour Global for Telecom & Managed IT Services is your best-fit connectivity & managed services partner in the Middle East, Africa & beyond.

We’ve architected Nour Global on four strong pillars which provide a solid foundation to our regional and international operations.


The team behind Nour Global is one of the pioneering teams in connectivity business in the Middle East. We have to our credit, the design, implementation & successful operations & management experience of the region’s largest & most resilient corporate data network. Our team comprises of the right combination of technology & business professionals. Professionals who’re driven by a common belief that passion & a go-getter approach make all the difference. That’s the reason we take your business as ours. Your commitments as ours. We work 24x7, 365days a year to make sure that your connectivity & IT infrastructure runs optimally so that you may focus on your core business.


Ours was a humble beginning. In fact it would be apt to say that our network & services have grown with your business. However all through our network & infrastructure expansion, we’ve ensured that we not only meet our existing SLA’s with you but also keep in mind your business’s growth plans. Network capacity planning and its timely execution has therefore been our guiding process. On a regular basis, we collect traffic demand matrices, add traffic growth predictions to create a traffic demand forecast. Then we determine the traffic over-provisioning factors keeping in mind your SLA’s. That’s why you’ve never found our network and infrastructure insufficient for your growing demands. On the infrastructure part, we operate under an ITIL based service management & delivery framework. This ensure that the processes & procedures that we’ve adopted to serve you are nothing but industry best-practices


You must have heard from a number of operators & providers, “sorry, we can’t offer you that feature” or “that piece of hardware isn’t compatible with our infrastructure”. You know why? That’s because they’ve compromised your peace of mind and preferences over their easy of operation & financial considerations. We don’t do that. Our network and infrastructure comprise best-of-breed technologies seamlessly integrated to provide a satisfying experience. What does that mean for your business? It means that you’re able to be as flexible and creative as you would like to be, at the same time ensuring that the requisite scalability and robustness is never compromised. After all, our network and infrastructure is all that your business relies on.


Collaboration in the key to growth when it comes to creating redundancies and meetingcross-border expansion plans. That’s why we partner with the best regional and international operators. Today, our network is present in over 150 countries worldwide. This extended network enables you to carry out your regional and international business transactions irrespective of geographic boundaries.