call-conferencing-figureCommunication is the lifeline of your business. As much as you need to have voice communication today, local and international calling charges are a major barrier to do that. Result: you’re forced to rely on threads and threads of emails – lost time, 2nd language challenges, timezone differences. There’s a better way to communicate now.

Nour Global offers world-class call conferencing services to facilitate your real-time conversation and quick decision-making. Our easy-to-use service is designed in such a manner that you dial into the meeting using an allocated phone number using your passcode. All you need is a phone device to utilize this service. A moderator who’s part of your team controls how information is shared on the call.

Business Benefits

  • Cost Savings : Zero upfront cost. Saves on huge telephone bills calling mobile phone and international numbers. You buy minutes and use them as per your need. Communication cost control is in your hand by reallocation of minutes, without compromising the length of time a subject needs to be talked about.
  • Security& Confidentiality : All audio conferencing are protected by the moderator & participants PINs. For higher level of security, options such are one-time-use pins and secured participants pins are available.
  • Large number of participants : With flexibility to accommodate up to 100 participants at a time, our call conferencing delivered as a service ensure that there’s ample number of people to discuss a particular subject.
  • Quality Audio : Certified top-quality audio makes communications faster & clearer. It specially helps when people from different linguistic backgrounds are on the same call using a common language.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Availability : The service is available from anywhere in the world, any time of the day. So you could be in a different time zone than rest of your team members yet be part of a call that suits their time zone: from the airport, your car, or from your hotel room.

IT Benefits

  • Any-to-Any Connectivity : Doesn’t matter which technologies you’ve deployed – we integrate them all into our Global MPLS network. Layer-2 or layer-3 media, all welcome.
  • Class-of-Service (CoS) : For your applications that require low latency, we prioritize traffic according to your requirements. You have 3 classes to choose from to best suit your business needs.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) : We honor SLA’s on our global MPLS just the way we honor them in our country-specific WAN’s. We ensure that packet-losses and performance jitters are within your acceptable range.