Our managed IT services are proactive, preventative services designed to provide you a consistent & reliable option to manage your IT infrastructure in exchange for either a flat monthly fees or a pay-as-you-consumer model.

Whether you’re a public sector organization, an enterprise or a small/medium business, you need help building & managing your IT infrastructure. At the same time, your reliance on technology is growing by the day. As this reliance grows, the need to ensure uptime of your IT infrastructure also becomes critical.

Answers to your everyday challenges

How many times does it happen that you don’t opt for the best technology simply because you don’t have skills or budgets to maintain & support that technology? How many of your high-value IT initiatives are lagging on timeline because your small IT team is busy all the time in trivial IT tasks of taking backups, installing patches or ensuring security? How often does it happen that you’re not able to respond to your business team’s cut throat timeline to launch a new service just because you fear not taking your team out of the day-to-day activities?

We’re your Extended Arm

We act as an extension of your IT department, taking care of routine IT infrastructure monitoring and management, around the clock. This is to free you up to work closer with your business team to beat your competition.

Round-the-clock, around the globe Operations

Most of our managed IT services are delivered remotely. This means that regardless of where you’re based, regardless of which part of the day (or night), regardless whether it is a weekday or an off day, we’re there for you. Our approach is that of a solution rather than the convention approach of products or projects.

Business Benefits

  • Cost Savings : How many times does it happen that Finance & IT differ on the size of IT budgets? All those budget revision cycles and difficult decisions of which initiative to budget for and which one to drop? Outsourcing your routine IT tasks to us would help you reduce your non-strategic IT spend, thereby enabling you to optimally utilize your budgets.
  • Risk Reduction : Our services such as remote infrastructure monitoring and management are proactive and preventative – this means that we put you in a position to avoid a sudden disaster in your infrastructure or in worst case, predict it. Doesn’t that reduces your financial and business risk significantly?

IT Benefits

  • Resource Augmentation : You have only hire a limited number of resources to run your IT operations. Wouldn’t it be better if you use those resources in strategic tasks instead of routine non-strategic operational tasks? We have skills to manage multi-vendor, multi-technology environments – right from vendor management to the most trivial daily tasks.
  • New Technology Implementation : Many-a-times, you feel that a certain technology is best-fit for your environment, yet you don’t go for it because you’re restrained by high cost of hiring, training and retaining resources in those skills. How about if we provide you resources to implement & manage that technology for you? It will be faster & cheaper.
  • Full Visibility : We operate under an ITIL-based service delivery model – this means that whatever we do is nothing but industry best-practices. Our regular reporting mechanism provides you end-to-end visibility into what’s going on in your infrastructure – this helps you make informed decisions.

Network Monitoring & Management Services

Network-Monitoring--Management-ServicesFrom routers to switches to web caching & storage devices. Our proactive monitoring includes incident management, configuration management, configuration backup & recovery drills, capacity & availability management, account services, and administrative tasks.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management Services

Infrastructure-Monitoring--Management-ServicesOur services Application & database servers, storage, operating systems, antivirus, MS exchange, MS ISA, active directory, archiving devices

Managed Internet Services

Managed-Internet-ServicesThis is your proxy in the cloud. Using this service, you may instantly create granular web-based policies – by user, group, location or action – to anyone, anywhere. We support advanced threat protection, bandwidth control, URL filtering and unified reporting

Managed Distributed Denial of Service Protection Services

Managed-Distributed-Denial-of-Service-Protection-ServicesBacked by a 24x7x365 SOC, we carry out real-time IP traffic sampling & analysis to detect DDoS attack anomalies at an early stage. The service is backed by on-demand, real-time, event based web reporting.

Server Monitoring, Administration & Management Services

Server-Monitoring-Administration--Management-ServicesWe carry out a proactive monitoring of your server farm, provide incident & problem management and carry out system administration tasks.

Database Monitoring, Administration & Management Services

Database-Monitoring-Administration--Management-ServicesThis includes proactive monitoring of all critical database parameters, system performance monitoring, backup strategy management, defragmentation activities and incident management. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase. All supported.

Storage Administration & Management Services

Storage-Administration--Management-ServicesOur proactive monitoring includes fault/incident/activity management, storage administrative tasks, security management, storage performance management & administrative tasks

IT Security Administration & Management Services

IT-Security-Administration--Management-ServicesWe carry out proactive monitoring of your firewalls, UTMs and other security devices, do security administration, and monitor access to sensitive, critical & powerful functions or activities.

Patch & Software Distribution Management Services

Patch--Software-Distribution-Management-ServicesFor all applications that are in your organization’s use, we manage releases and patches and associated change management procedures. We build the package, test run it & then push or pull it.

Vendor Management Services

Vendor-Management-ServicesOn top of all the above, we provide vendor management services. These include maintaining database of all vendors, managing service calls for maintenance & warranty, maintenance contracts and SLA’s.

Resource Augmentation

Resource-AugmentationYou could benefit from our pool of experts if you’re in need to new networks, systems or applications. These resources could be provided on a short- or long-term, part-time or need basis.