Seeing is believing. Branch office visits, management meetings, quarterly business reviews, seeing that key prospective partner or flying in candidates for final interviews. All require travel outside your city or country. The challenges? Missed or delayed flights, wasted time in commute, lost productivity hours, heavy administrative costs & overheads. Why go through all the hassle? Our video conferencing as-a-service is a cost-effective, life-like alternative.

NourGlobal’s video conferencing services are run through our robust, reliable and 24x7 available video conferencing hub. All you need is your desktop and an Internet connection.

Business Benefits

  • Cost Savings : Massive savings on your travel & lodging costs. No need to invest in hardware either – we’ll provide you all equipment as part of our bundle offering comprising hardware, connectivity & services.
  • Security & Confidentiality : All video conferences are encrypted. So whatever you discuss stays as confidential as face-to-face conversation.
  • Effective Utilization of time : Calculate all those non-productive hours spent on the road & in the air. And the associated fatigue. With video conferencing as a service, you’ll be able to better utilize these hour elsewhere.

IT Benefits

  • No hardware maintenance hassle : When we provide video conferencing as a service, we provide complete bundle, including service to manage & maintain complete hardware & connectivity.