AMC-Annual maintenance contract

Maintaining your ENTIRE IT ASSETS


Nour Global is providing managed services of network devices, IT devices, desktop and annual maintenance contract. If you are head of small, medium or large business then with the growth of your business its becomes difficult to operate enterprise functions effectively and regularly managed as well. If you try to do multi-tasking that affects business productivity and end up in frustration. We are here to manage your business networks, make interaction stronger and increase collaboration. We have updated technologies. Moving ahead with new innovations of the smart world. Our solution is for small to large and simple to complex businesses. We provide two options for payments, flat monthly fees or a pay-as-you-consumer model. We have a team to manage your daily challenges with expertise. Our services are updated, quick, agile, reliable and trustworthy.

Key Benefits
  • Customer experience-Enhance customer experience with integrated communications.
  • Flexibility-Using the latest technologies and have eyes on new possibilities. We provide solutions that are easily upgradable.
  • Cost Savings-Outsourcing your routine IT tasks to us would assist you to cut down your non-strategic IT pay
  • thereby sanctioning you to optimally utilize your budgets
  • Risk Reduction-Our services like remote infrastructure monitoring and management protect from sudden infrastructure disaster or any worst situation. Our services are proactive and preventative.
IT Benefits
  • Resource Augmentation-Locating and managing resources in each day tasks is a huge responsibility. Our team is well trained and skilled to manage multi-technology environments or multi-vendor.
  • Ease to Implementation New Technology-We provide you with resources for technology implementation and management. So now it's easy cheap and faster to implement new technologies as your needs grow up your business.
  • Regular reporting mechanism-Our services are crystal clear. Its end to end visibility and you can track progress easily as we have regular reporting mechanism. Our operations are under ITIL-based service delivery model. We are doing industry best-practices.

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Having someone with a deep and broad understanding of technology on your side can make the difference between your business thriving and simply surviving.