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Internet is currently the muse of the Enterprise community. We are committed to providing the best global internet services that give unmatched global reach anytime, anywhere.

We design, source, implement and support Internet in multiple flavors. Work especially on optimizing your traffic, smooth user experience, and improving cloud application performance.

Enterprise becomes more productive, agile, and adaptive with the Internet

Global Internet Key Features

Broadband and dedicated service

Dedicated and broadband internet from small to high bandwidths (1 Mbps to multi gig)

Optimised business applications

Prioritized packet delivery optimizes traffic to Cloud and SaaS applications

Reduced complexity

Enterprises benefit from the scalability of IP with a managed network.

Institutionalized procedures

Push updates to each part of your business instantly

Transparent performance

Real-time traffic monitoring and analyzing network performance reports.

Fully managed solution

We manage all your global internet connections with 24 / 7 / 365 support.

Advance security

We have security experts protecting our network, and keeping it up to date.

High performance

Multiple interfaces options are available with various internet choices.

Our specialization

Why Nour Global?

Bridging Internet access to everyone when public access became impossible. As more people shifted their lives online, it was initially unclear if the Internet could withstand the increased demand. The answer was a resounding yes. It allowed people to be more resilient to the social and economic shocks of the pandemic.

With numerous stores, banks, and government offices closed during the pandemic, many people shifted to paying bills, collecting benefits, and shopping online. As a result, the first half of 2020 saw an increase in e-commerce equivalent to that of the previous 10 years.

Our studies revealed that 54% of people were paying bills or taxes online and 71% were banking or doing financial transfers online. Building our services with this strategy, we helped our customers stay connected when impossible.

As we work to overcome the barriers of the digital divide by building better and stronger networks, more people will have the means to weather future storms. Connecting the unconnected is especially pressing, to ensure no one is left behind.

Our mission is to ensure an open, globally secure, and trustworthy Internet for the digital world across the globe.

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