Call Conferencing As-A-Service

Call Conferencing facilitates to do meetings virtually with your clients


Effective Communication is the key to bring your business to the peak of success. Call Conferencing facilitates to do meetings virtually with your clients, teams or business partners. But user experiences show it's more complex because of poor audio quality, meetings interruption and yes it's costly as well. So, communication lost its effectiveness and end up in frustration.

Nour global saves you from all of these communication barriers. We are putting customer needs first and making our services more reliable and trustworthy. Our services enabled you to do real-time call conferencing. We facilitate you with freedom of work at any place, any device and any time. All you need to get started is phone device then dial into the meeting. You have to use your allocated phone number and passcode.

Our Specifications
  • Cost-effective-Our Call Conferencing service is highly cost-effective. We dont charge any upfront cost. Have control on call bills you can buy mints according to your need. You can also reallocate minutes according to the length of communication time needed.
  • Security& Confidentiality-We provide end to end secure communication facility. Thats are protected with moderator & participants PINs. To increase confidentiality one-time-use pins and secured participants pins are also available options.
  • A large number of participants-Sometimes we need an ample number of people in a meeting. As per user needs our services are flexible enough to accommodate a large number of participants like 100 participants at a time.
  • Clear and fast real-time Communication-Our vivid feature of communication service is real-time fast and clear communication. We are Certified in top-quality audio communication provider.
  • Freedom of use-Our call services set yourself free. You can use our services anytime (without worries of other countries time zone) from anywhere in the world. We provide worldwide access.
IT Benefits
  • Connectivity Worldwide-You have the freedom to deploy any technology without worries of connectivity. Our Global MPLS network is flexible enough to integrate to Layer-2 or layer-3 media or any other.
  • Class-of-Service (CoS)-We provide 3 different classes. In which we prioritize traffic as per user requirements. You can choose any that suits your application (low latency) or business needs.
  • Quality of Service (QoS)-On our international MPLS we honour SLA just how we honour them in our country-specific WANs. We make sure packet errors and jitters of results are within the acceptable range.

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