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As much as data center outsourcing is on the rise, it is a double-edged sword. Wrong selection of data center outsourcing partner can lead you into pitfalls which are far worse than having your own data center and manage it. While considering an outsourcing facility for your hosting and colocation needs, you need to consider several factors.

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Secure accessibility

your applications should be securely accessible from all your business and partner locations over multiple telco networks as well as over the Internet

Flexible offering

the hosting provider should offer a flexible pack of services rather than fixed packages on a take-it-or-leave-it basis

Hot seats

a hosting facility that does not offer business continuity workspaces (hot seats) does not offer a complete business continuity solution in case a disaster strikes

In UAE setup

The facility should ideally be located inside UAE to safeguard confidentiality and data sovereignty interests of UAE businesses

Managed services

most customers prefer a hosting setup which is backed by managed services so that their IT team is relieved of the routine infrastructure management tasks

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