Disaster Recovery

We aim to provide the best rapid recovery services.

Are You Looking For a Perfect Match For Your Business Needs?

If you are looking for a perfect match for your business needs then thinking for long period is more important task then considering only present needs. Many organizations are struggling with little tolerance for downtime. They don't have effective recovery plans in case of any disaster. Mostly operations are complex so there clients business suffers.

Nour global Cloud technology saves clients business from suffering in case of any disaster happening. It helps to recover and rebuild after an event. Operates according to prevent your organization’s business from future risks. It protects your revenues, orders, market shares and the overall reputation of your organization’s business. Our systems are flexible and can support complex environments. In the case of a disaster, we'll help you to restore. You can recover your data from our recovery centres. IT infrastructure, data, applications and workplace can be restored after a disaster.

Disaster event can occur either through a natural disaster or can be human error. Nour Global provide a Disaster Recovery solution to clients that helps to deal with today complex databases. Different events like software or hardware failure, power interruptions, malicious acts or facilities damage (eg water, fire, smoke) can occur.


Our Disaster Recovery Services Include

  • Automated synchronization (database and key files)
  • Network monitoring and management
  • Application infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Continuity Program Management (deploy and manage IT Disaster Recovery program )
  • Continuity Advisory Services (analyze the business to make an effective recovery plan)
  • Automated backups (database and key file with a check to verify backup integrity)

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