Global MPLS

All your branches under single managed IP Network!


Global MPLS provisioning is a highly commoditized market. Buyers looking to expand their connectivity beyond borders face challenges with a multitude of service providers to select from.
Whether you’re a Middle Eastern company looking to expand your operations regionally or internationally or an international organization looking to establish your business in the Middle East, Nour Global is your gateway to connectivity. With over 16 years of data network industry experience serving regional and international customers, we understand your preferences and challenges. We know what it takes to make your WAN’s across boundaries integrate seamlessly, as if they were in the same city as you are.


Global Delivery

With our own provider edge (PE) routers in 3 continents and carefully chosen relationships with International operators, we have the ability to offer you global delivery in over 150 countries worldwide. We know that at times, you’d prefer to deal with your local network provider. That’s ok. We believe in sharing to facilitate your business growth.


Despite the scale of our global delivery, we’re highly flexible to accommodate your preferences, whether they’re about acting as your single-point-of-contact or offering flexible pricing models, whether it is about integrating multiple WANs or about maintaining multiple edge routers in multiple countries.


We understand that your team comes from different cultures, and speaks different languages. Our multi-lingual, proactive support team operating 24x7, 365 days a years.

Business Benefits

Cost Savings

No need to go through the hassle of hiring, training & retaining skilled team to manage your global WAN. We manage your WAN so that you can divert your savings and energies to other more profitable revenues.


The ever-evolving threats can keeps enterprises on their toes. We know what a data breach would mean to your business. We’re using industry best-practices & technologies to ensure that your data is secure, end-to-end.


With us, you have the options of adding, moving or changing sites. Since we handle the complex routing at our end, you can be at ease to choose your locations as per your business needs.

IT Benefits

Any-to-Any Connectivity

Doesn't matter which technologies you've deployed – we integrate them all into our Global MPLS network. Layer-2 or layer-3 media, all welcome.

Class-of-Service (CoS)

For your applications that require low latency, we prioritize traffic according to your requirements. You have 3 classes to choose from to best suit your business needs.

Quality of Service (QoS)

We honor SLA’s on our global MPLS just the way we honor them in our country-specific WAN’s. We ensure that packet-losses and performance jitters are within your acceptable range.

Get in touch

Having someone with a deep and broad understanding of technology on your side can make the difference between your business thriving and simply surviving.