Managed IT Services

Improving services whilst reducing operational costs & complexity


Technical support available 24x7x365

Our Managed IT Services are an alternative approach to managing your entire IT infrastructure. We offer quality IT resources at affordable rates under strict SLAs. You get an ongoing visibility into operational performance. Result: increased up-time of your IT infrastructure, predictability into operational expenditure and availability of your own IT resources to be used for strategic IT initiatives.

Nour Global’s IT Support services provide you with:
  • Cost saving - we’ll solve your IT issues quickly and effectively whenever you call.
  • Time saving- As a managed IT services provider looking after your routine IT management tasks your IT team has enough time to support.
  • Lack of in-house experience - Finding qualified and trained resources in technologies like cloud management server virtualization ERP infrastructure management VDI and analytics could be a challenge.
  • Risk mitigation - Opting for our managed services outsourcing you literally have zero risk.

The effective management of all IT operations can ensure the smooth running of an organization.


Suite of our Managed Services

  • Oracle applications infrastructure management
  • Storage administration and management
  • Azure infrastructure management
  • AWS infrastructure management
  • Network monitoring and management
  • Application infrastructure monitoring and management
  • SAP Basis Support
  • Patch and software distribution management
  • IT security administration and management
  • Database monitoring & administration
  • Server monitoring & administration
  • Resource augmentation

Our Managed IT Services are delivered under three models:


Under this model, we provide full- or part-time resources which are either managed by Nour Global or your Project Manager. This model is ideal for customers who need full-time ITresources but don’t want to go through the hassles of hiring, training and retaining

Off-site dedicated

Our resources are based in Nour Global office but are dedicated to performing remote management of your IT infrastructure. This model is best-suited to customers who are comfortable with remote IT management or have their IT infrastructure in the cloud

Off-site leveraged

There is a pool of resources that are leveraged between multiple customers. This model works well with customers who need augmentation to their IT teams, but resources and skills are not required full-time. Our part-time resources are a perfect solution to this requirement

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