Private Cloud

Our network covers the length and breadth of your local and regional coverage


Cloud infrastructure has been at the core of NourGlobal strategy since 2013 when we launched the first generation of our cloud services. Since then, we’ve been working with hundreds of industries across helping their cloud journey by planning, executing and managing their cloud workloads. In addition, we’ve been enriching our cloud offering regularly so that our customers get the best value for their infrastructure investments.

  • Accessible over most advanced MPLS network and multiple Internet providers across UAE
  • It is backhauled by multiple telecom operators to ensure service availability 24×7.
  • If customers want to access our cloud over the internet they could do so over multiple Internet service providers.
  • Backed by Managed Services
  • We’re one of the few cloud providers who offer cloud infrastructure along with optional managed services at very cost-effective rates. This relieves your IT team from managing your infrastructure on our or an international cloud so that they may focus on more meaningful tasks such as IT initiatives to support business growth.
  • Our cloud infrastructure is monitored 24×7 under an ITIL service management framework by a team of engineers who have advanced skills in all components. So you can be at peace that someone is watching over the infrastructure which hosts your crucial business applications.
Highly Secured

We have deployed multiple levels of security at the physical infrastructure level. In additional, your virtual servers are protected by antivirus software. Internet facing virtual servers are protected by web application firewall. Customers also have the option to further protect
their Internet applications by DDoS services which ensures availability of your Internet based services.

No Hidden costs

Many local and international cloud providers do not reveal true cost of ownership. The devil is only revealed when you’ve signed up and get into the details. Not with us. Our proposals and contracts provide 100% visibility and predictability into the expenses.


NourGlobal cloud services are scalable so that you don’t have to invest in over-sized infrastructure to cater for peak loads. You can start small and then increase the size of your infrastructure permanently or temporarily, as the need be.

Zero capex, only Opex

There’s no upfront investment that we ask for. Just pay a fixed monthly charge and you’re good to go.


We do not force you to buy a minimum set of services. Start where you want to and then increase or decrease your consumption as per your business requirement.

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