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How NourGlobal Managed SD-WAN Service enables
you to deploy and scale your network across the region


As the battle for market share and customer acquisition enters the digital world, the requirement to have a robust, reliable and open corporate networks gains momentum. Business leaders Network teams. offer a seamless experience across all locations, regardless of the media that confirm their locations. Network usage is increasing as organizations solo success, but so does the Struggle for Network teams to keep up with the demands of users and bandwidth-hungry applications

Slow applications have a direct impact on customer experience and hence, gaining maximum POI of WAN In is a top priority for
smart Goals and Network Managers. Increase in cloud adoption makes the edge network perform more significance. The growth in several enterprise users accessing cloud calls for a reliable, WAN. A WAN, therefore, becomes a catalyst for corporate business growth. The answer isn't more bandwidth nor is it more WAN-optimization. MPLS has been doing a great job and will continue. be a Network Manager's most trusted friend. However, MPLS is great in handle scenarios when communication is between office. New realities of IT are taking over.

Mobile users access corporate applications over the internet using VPNs and firewalls.

Most Customers access cloud applications through unreliable and insecure internet

Office users internet consumption is increasing, putting pressure on backhauls

Over 70& of corporates (enterprise & SMB) use mix and match of MPLS and broadband internet in their branch offices

Enterprises need a WAN architecture that:

1. Enables them to fully leverage existing network investments in MPLS
2. Integrates old and new locations, allowing customers to choose between MPLS, IP-VPN & dedicated and/or broadband Internet
3. Overcomes security and accessibility challenges of the Internet
4. Eases out network manageability, allowing Network teams to support business demands on-the-go


The world of corporate technology has seen rapid migration towards virtualization. From servers to storage to security, the software is redefining technology and bringing significant benefits Corporate Data Center, Cloud SaaS, Other Internet Applications while reducing complexity. The network is no exception. Software-defined WAN or simply, SD-WAN is a high-performance, high-density & highly scalable alternative to traditional hardware-based WAN. Equipped with advanced routing functionality, it

Managed Controller Manager Nour Global SD-WAN is a managed services layer that sits SD-WAN on top of your WAN and enables, you to gain maximum benefits Fabric out of your network resources. It helps you add new branches or business locations rapidly, enables your cloud access through the fastest route within your network, eases network management pains and provides you valuable insights such as performance monitoring, policy compliance, SLA compliance, and security analytics.


Nourglobal managed SD-WAN service is end-to-end managed service

Solution Components
  • Controller Central management of routing policies
  • security segmentation
  • Unified collaboration and authentication of devices
  • Manager Centralized dashboard for configuration and management
  • Orchestrator Carries out initial authentication and authorization of all elements into the network provides the information on how each of the components connects to other components
  • Router Customer Premises Equipment device or software based Full featured IP routers
  • Managed Service 24x7 monitoring & managed service reporting
Three deployment Models
  • 100% Managed Services Controller & Manager on Nour Global Cloud Router hardware or software-based CPE Remotely managed & monitored by Nour Global 24x7
  • Hybrid Model Controller & Manager on Nour Global Cloud Router hardware or software-based CPE Remotely managed & monitored by Nour Global 24x7
  • On Prem Controller & Manager on Nour Global Cloud Router hardware or software-based CPE Remotely managed & monitored by Nour Global 24x7
How are customers using our MANAGED SD-WAN SERVICE
Unique Capabilities
  • Aggregates all types of connectivity media into one pool of hybrid Unique Capabilities WAN resources (MPLS & Internet)
  • Provisions bandwidth on demand and facilities fast convergence
  • Facilitates easy network segmentation and creation of VPNs
  • Provides dynamic per VPN topology
  • Creates dynamic redundancies between multiple sites
  • Provides a ubiquitous data plane
  • Network Operations
  • Applications
  • Enables centralized orchestration of all applications Monitors transport SLAs
  • Provides application-level analytics
  • Carries out application aware routing
  • Facilitates cloud applications integration
Mobile Workforce

Corporate workforce is scattered across geographies: offices, warehouses, manufacturing units, drilling & exploration sites, on-the-road, at cafes, at the airports. To be productive, they need to be connected to the enterprise all the time. SD-WAN enables IT to provide secure, reliable and speedy access to corporate applications

Any-to-Any Connectivity

Corporate connectivity landscape grows as the business grows. As such, most businesses deploy a hybrid WAN comprising of MPLS & Internet links. SD-WAN combines these multiple links into a unified pool of access resources. SD-WAN utilizes the power of virtualization in network functions to separate network configurations from WAN links and hardware & creates a software-based managed services WAN platform

Ubiquitous Access to Cloud

Corporate workers at branch offices, mobile workers on the road & loT devices, can seamlessly connect to cloud & hosted applications. With the rise of cloud adoption, growing number of businesses are relying on our SD-WAN service to deliver secure, reliable & expedited access all users regardless of their physical location or access media

Bandwidth Hungry Applications

Corporate applications such as converged video & audio collaboration, cloud applications, big data & analytics and digital marketing are bandwidth hungry. SD-WAN uses a hybrid (MPLS & Internet) transport to orchestrate bandwidth requirements between multiple applications and maintains Quality of Service (QoS)

Technology Reasons
Predictable Application Performance, on-prem & on-cloud

Nour Global Managed SD-WAN Service enhances application performance and frequent location changes or closure visibility. Our solution’s application-aware policies coupled with real-time enforcement to handle network bottlenecks comes in handy to offers a satisfying users experience across all major on-prem & on-cloud applications.

Solid integrated Security

At the core of our solution is an out-of-the-box security approach that revolves around authentication, encryption & integrity. The service ensures that only authenticated devices are allowed to exchange traffic, communication between all 2 Significantly reduce the cost of devices is secured and there are no group-key or key server issues involved.

Simplified Network Operations

Our service comes with a single console to configure & manage everything related, to your WAN, cloud & security. Zero-touch provisioning enabled by templates lets you add new locations to the network within no time. Restful integration into business on existing tools allows you to operate in a fully-automated manner

Strong Reporting

Our service provides in-depth visibility into your applications & infrastructure. This facilitates expedited problem identification & resolution. It also helps plan your network resources better and tweak policies based on traffic flows.

Business Reasons
  • Facilitate rapid branch opening
  • Enable digital transformation
  • Promote the use of function based Solid integrated Security SaaS applications
  • Significantly reduce the cost of devices is secured and there are no group key or key server issues involved operations

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